What Is The Minimum Order I Can Order

We sell retail and wholesale. Minimum retail order is for 50 Natural Tea Bags. There is no maximum you can order, we have as many as you need no matter if you want 100 or 10.000.
What Is Your Return Policy

Very simple, if for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with our product we'll refund your money,  minus S&H no questions asked . The product must be returned in it's original package and in the same condition as you received them. If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us.


Why Should I Buy Your Tea Bags,
When T-Sac Are Much Cheaper

We have hundreds of customers and tea houses that prefer our natural tea bags, because they rather pay for quality than quantity. T sacs can be unbleached, but they are still made out of paper. Conscious people who buy organic teas, loose herbs, or seeds, don't feel good having a delicious cup of tea at the expense of killing trees. -"That's what our clients say at least"-. T sacs can be unbleached yes, but paper is paper and the taste of the herbal teas is affected by using paper when preparing a cup of tea.

When you made yourself a cup of tea using our Natural Tea bags, you are saving trees and our environment, and our beautiful planet will thank you for that! not to mention the taste and flavor of your teas won't change or be affected in any way or form.

What Is The Material Of Your Natural Tea Bags Are Made off

Natural Tea Bags are a more natural alternative than the regular paper tea bags, available in the market today. They are free of any chemical adhesives, harsh bleach, glues, paper, and have no staples attached to the string. The material is mainly cotton with a minimal part of food grade nylon blend. The testure/look is like cotton they feel very soft to the touch. Our NTB ultra-thin, almost transparent material allows water to completely circulate through the leaves, which yields a better tasting cup of tea. They are disposable, bleach-free, adhesive-free and most importantly have NO paper teaste. We believe our Natural Tea bags are definitely a better alternative to the conventional paper tea bags, and provide a better tea experience. If you have any doubt our product is what you or your business are looking for, we recommend you to order a few free samples to test them, and then decide if our tea bags will be a perfect fit for your business and are of your satisfaction.



Can I buy This Tea Bags In A store Near Me

Our Natural Tea Bags can be purchased via our website. If you have an store and would like to carry our product, please contact us.
What Is The Size Of Your Tea Bags

Natural Tea Bags comes in one size 3.75" x 2.75". Plenty of space to fill with a small or a large amount of your loose herbs or seeds. Since they are made of food grade cotton, they are very resistant and the material can stretch a little. Please note we ONLY have one size, and don't make them on different size.



Do You Sell Your Products Only In USA

No, we sell our product worldwide. For large international orders, you must contact us first.
Where Are You Located

We are in located in Miami Beach, FL.




























Natural Tea Bags

Are available for retail and wholesale to tea houses, coffee shops, coffee roasters, gourmet food retailers, specialty gift shops, restaurants, day spas and resorts, fine hotels, etc




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