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WiseWomen~SacredWomen, Inc.

Natural Tea Bags brand is sold by WiseWomen~SacredWomen, Inc.
Created by Ana Satya, WiseWomen~SacredWomen is a company that offers wellness consulting services
and holistic health products to conscious minded people and businesses. 

We believe in identifying problems, finding the causes and offering alternative solutions. 
We Are A Conscious Company, That Offer Natural, Holistic & Organic Products, to enrich the lives of people
looking for a healthier way to take care of themselves & their families.


Please note when you place an order in our website your bank statement may show a charge by either our company name WiseWomen-SacredWomen or product Natural Tea Bags. This is important to know so you can recognize the charge and what it is for. Any questions please don't hesitate in contacting us.

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